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about us

Aspiring to build the Hollywood of Social Influencers

Geixi Group’s Decentralized Talent Incubation Ecosystem is formed by Mr. Chan Cheong Yee, a former director of Bingo Holdings Limited (HK stock code: 8220), a cinema investing company.
As part of our ecosystem, Geixi Group holds the rights to the GELOS brand and is currently developing the World’s First Star Incubation Social App that would allow everyone to participate in a star incubation process.
our mission

Providing a networking platform

To allow EVERYONE to participate in the Star Incubation Process by building the Hollywood of Social Influencers.
“All great things start with a DREAM, and while many of us fall short, some of us take steps to try to ACHIEVE some tangible results to turn our dreams into reality. The more we try, the more we will start to make our dreams REAL, and finally, if our dreams are worth fighting for, and if we put in all our effort and never, ever give up, we can EMERGE from our dreams and turn it into reality.” – Anonymous
our philosophy

As part of our company culture

And our desire to create a “place” that everyone wants to be a part of, we believe that the philosophies that our company values is extremely important. It is the compass that ensures that we do not lose our way, and if we do veer from our objectives, our philosophies will bring us back on track.
  1. Data-driven analytics to connect users to their commercial value.
  2. Inclusive platform to allow meritocratic achievements.
  3. Real World increase of value for time spent on our platforms.
  4. Protecting our users from bullying, hate, or nasty stuff.
  5. Integrity, Honesty and a lot of Hard Work.
  6. If it is worth doing, it is worth trying.
  7. Our only KPI is the amount of dreams we turn into reality.

40-days Milestone

Casting Opportunities
Film Production
in coming 3 years
Across in China
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou..etc.
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